Mixing & Mastering

Match the balance, EQing, and sound of today’s hit records and industry standards!

At HipHopServices.com, we provide high-quality, industry-standard mixing & mastering at affordable prices. If you’ve ever had one of your songs play too quietly or sound muffled next to a major pop song, you know what it feels like when your mix or master is not up to par. Even if you’re a master engineer, you’ll find that our work will help boost your final mixes to the next level and make it easier to get where you’re going.

With over 15+ years of experience in recording and live audio, we know you’ll hear a difference after working with our team. We work closely with each artist to make sure they get the sound they want.

What’s The Difference Between Mixing and Mastering?

Mixing is when engineers adjust and balance the separate audio tracks from a recording session to sound good when played together. This involves taking the vocal tracks and instrumental and tweaking their levels to form a great mix.

Mastering a song means putting the finishing touches on a track by enhancing the overall sound, creating consistency across an album, and preparing it for distribution. This often includes bringing up the overall volume to match industry standards, and adjusting the EQ of the final export.

Why Is Mixing Important?

Once a song is recorded, a mixing engineer will take all the different music tracks, vocals, doubles, and choruses and balance their levels so they fit together just right! The involves adjusting frequencies and EQ, adding compression, and panning tracks left and right, among other techniques to get the perfect sound. For mixing, we need the track-outs for all your vocal takes and any beat or instrumentation.

Why Is Mastering Important?

The process of mastering is one of the most important and often overlooked steps in audio engineering. It’s the final stage before an album or single is released to the public. This is where each song is level-balanced, frequencies receive finishing touches, small imperfections are removed, and any other problems with the mix are ironed out. Mastering is what takes a recorded and mixed song to a professional level for CD and radio play. For mastering, we need the full high-quality export of your song and we will take care of the rest!

Contact Us For A Quote

Because there are so many variables for mixing and mastering, please contact us directly for more information. Let us know what you need and we can provide a reasonable quote. Whether you need a single mixed, an album mastered, or a beat mix & mastered, tell us about your vision and we will show you what we can do to bring it to fruition.