Custom Websites For Artists

Every artist needs a website, but not every artist has the ability to make one. That’s where we come in! You don’t have to know anything about websites to have your own! At, we do all the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is fill out a single form and we will take care of the rest!

We know what it’s like to be an artist promoting music and we know about websites and marketing. We offer an affordable, feature-packed, website for artists because we want more artists to have websites that they own, control, and are proud of.

Once you complete check-out, you will receive a form to fill out. Simply provide a few details like your artist name, social media or streaming links, a few images, and we will do the rest!


Once the order is in and the form is filled out, we will begin creating your custom website. Once the website has been created, usually 1-3 business days, we will reach out to you to review. From there we can make adjustments and get your site online and ready to share with your fans! It’s that simple with

Take A Look At Some Examples!

(Click on the images to go to the full site!)

While we create the site for you and get everything working so you don’t have to, we also give you full control of it! If you want to make any changes, you have the power. And if you don’t want to do it yourself, we offer affordable edits and update packages that you can utilize at any time to promote new releases, music videos, and more! With your new website, you’ll be able to showcase music videos, photo-shoots, albums, singles, and any other content you have, in one place.

We Make It Easy For Artists To Get A Website!

Once the website is configured, we will send you an email with all login details, QR codes, and information that you need! We want to empower artists by having their own website, so we give you anything you need so that your website can grow with you. This includes file, email, database, and WordPress access.

Looking to upgrade in the future? We offer additional add-ons like having your own online store, as well as services for editing and revising your current website if you want any help!

See If You Domain Name Is Available!

Let’s say your name is Big Slug. You might first want to check if is available. If your desired name isn’t available, we suggest trying something like or – Make it memorable and easy to remember! We are happy to offer suggestions, but this search may help you find the perfect name for your new website.

Here’s Everything Included in the Basic Package

  • Your Own Domain (i.e. <yourname>.com) and Hosting for a Year

Renewing your domain and hosting is only $50/year after the first year! You will not find a more affordable domain + hosting package for your website.

  • Your Own Email Address (i.e. booking@<yourname>.com)
  • Complete Control Of Your Own Website

You get administrative Logins, Access, and Control. Edit anything you want with WordPress!

  • 4+ Pages Created For You to Start! (HOME, BIO, PHOTOS, CONTACT)

We can add an additional page or make changes to the existing pages- Just let us know in the form under “Additional Comments”

  • Gather Email Sign-Up for Fans (Stay Connected!)
  • Links to All Your Social Media & Music Pages
  • Website Visitor Statistics

See how many people are going to your website, and where they’re coming from!

  • Custom QR Code and an image Flyer to send people to your new site!
  • Up to 2 Free Revisions During Initial Setup

Having A Website Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

You won’t find a better deal! For only $100, you’ll get your own custom website tailored to your music, without having to do anything but fill out a form, as well as complete access if you want to make any changes yourself. With years of experience in web development and music, we know the high-value of this affordable product is perfect for upcoming artists who want to solidify their music career.

The $100 price covers the creation of the website, domain, and hosting for 1 year. Any domain (such as has to be renewed annually (we don’t make the rules! ICANN does) and hosting all the files and databases that make your website has a regular cost too. We make this easy and affordable by offering annual renewals for just $50/year. This is extremely affordable, as most hosting services charge $10-$30 every month. If you decide you don’t want to continue annual renewals with us, everything on your website can be migrated to any web host you choose. You are truly in control of your website and future!

Learn More About Why Having a Website Is Important

What Does It Mean To Own & Control My Own Website?

You get your own domain name (like or which is unique to you!

We will offer suggestions that are available based on your artist name, but you will have full input and have a name you’re proud of! (For example, R0CK3T chose, which I think is hilarious and awesome). You also get complete control of the website and hosting. You don’t have to touch anything, but you can make any changes you want to the entire site structure! (There’s more on that below)

Connecting Your Social Media

Additionally, relying only on social media by huge companies isn’t a sustainable way to stay in touch with your fans and grow, your account can be removed at any time.

There’s nothing wrong with social media, in fact, we want to help connect all of your profiles in once place so old fans and new fans can find their favorite social media platform and support your career, for your whole career. The best part? You can link your website on all of you social profiles so that everyone can find the exact content and music they want, all in one place.

Your Music On Their Favorite Platform

Your fans either have Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube Music, Soundcloud, or any number of other services (Napster anybody?) – Your Listeners Don’t Have All Of These. Everyone has their favorite. So we make sure to showcase your music profiles on the most-used music platforms, so fans can go right to their favorite and subscribe to you to stay up-to-date with everything you do. All from your website!

Email Sign-Ups – Stay Connected With Fans

But sometimes there are even better ways to stay in contact with your fans, like Email!

That’s why we offer an email signup form for every artist website so you can get a direct-line to your biggest fans and listeners and stay in touch with them with your latest releases, merch, and shows. Start collecting emails from your most interested fans and find new opportunities to connect with them!;

It doesn’t matter if you know how anything about websites!

We’ll set up the website for you. You can leave it as is, or make any changes you desire!

It’s an easy and simple process to get your own artist website. Simply fill out a form with basic information about you and your music, and we will get a personalized website using your style up and running in no time! Your website can showcase your best releases, link to your music and social media, and be left alone! But you can always add more pages and content at any time.

Interested in learning about websites? This can be the perfect opportunity

Even though you don’t have to do anything but fill out a simple form to get your own website with – We give you full access to every part of the website and hosting process, including full WordPress, FTP, and SQL access. You can modify your website however you want, add plugins, make code changes, and create emails, subdomains and more! Even if you outgrow our service, you can take all files and databases with you to your new host and we can even help you with the process.

As our services and artist-base grows, you get access to more features, upgrades, and tools to promote your music and art!

Technical Details for Basic Package

  • Your own domain name for a year, transfer at any time.
  • WordPress, FTP, Email, and SQL Access
  • Shared Hosting for 1 Year
  • Full WordPress Admin Access
  • 2 GB of Upgrade-able Space
  • SSL Certificate For 1 Year

Additional Available Add-Ons

With the exception of additional hosting, you will have to reach out to us regarding available upgrades until the product forms are available on our website.

  • Online Store + Physical or Digital Downloads
  • Additional Hosting Length
  • Business Cards / Stickers / Flyers (with website and QR code)
  • Promotion Blast
  • Blog Posts
  • Automatically Posting to Social Media
  • Completely Custom Website and Advanced Features

We are always working to improve our services and available offers. Check back often to see what’s new and always feel free to email us with any questions using our contact form! Thank you for using